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The Ignition Group – Real Estate Development, Acquisition & Growing of Low-tech Companies

The Ignition Group is a privately held group of Western Canadian companies whose focus is real estate development and the acquisition and nurture of low-tech companies that Ignition’s management believes have good long term growth potential. Corporate acquisitions reach back as far as the mid 80’s and have always been made with a long-term view, typically between 10 and 30 years plus and holding.

We start with a vision about how to build and grow something that we will all be very proud of by empowering and supporting our team to find creatively practical solutions to really bring things to life.

With origins in the mid 70’s Ignition’s real estate development history follows the track record of its founder and president, which for the sake of continuity in this website are referred to as Ignition or the Company.

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The Ignition Group Management Team

Ignition’s small senior management team combines lessons learned from several decades of hard knocks, challenges and significant accomplishments. Each is entrepreneurial by nature, but collectively they strive to provide rock solid business acumen and guidance to each company in the Group’s management team.

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